rainbow glass

My name is Gayle Sparks, I am so lucky to be the owner of Enchanting Glass Designs, as well as being the designer and glass artist that makes the most wonderful unique kitchen and bathroom splashbacks.

I started working with glass some 14+ years ago although originally as a paper crafter I used to make handmade cards and card keepsakes for many years before that. It was with this craft that I attended a fused glass course and became addicted to glass.

Fused glass is such fun to work with, very versatile and extremely tactile, it makes you want to stroke it all the time. It comes in many different forms and every colour of the rainbow and many other designs of mixed colours which makes the creating process so exciting as the choice is endless for any design and creation.

My first creations in glass were pendants for jewellery, coasters and small pictures but very quickly I had made so much that I would never be able to wear or use them all so I branched out and started to give away to friends and family as I became happy with my creations, and then friends of friends etc etc, this gave me so much confidence that I wanted to learn more.

Enchanting Glass Designs shop

I attended  fused glass classes where I learnt many different techniques which gave me the experience to start selling my products at craft fairs. This enabled me to expand and buy more glass and then  my first two kilns which cater for different sized items.  I now have 5 kilns in total.

Well, you could say that I then got the bug to keep going bigger so now I make kitchen and bathroom splashbacks and art panels on the large scale.

Enchanting Glass Designs workshop

I am lucky enough to have now extended my studio and shop where I create my pieces of art and although this website is primarily for commission pieces and now with an online shop to purchase some pieces I do also run workshops in the studio. As much as I love the creating I also love to teach others the art of fused glass and to see the enjoyment they get from their creations just as I do every time I open the kiln.

I continue also to make jewellery, smaller art panels, pictures, bowls, plates and candle holders to name

just a few. Some of these you can buy from this website see Online Shop page